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Museum of the ancient city of Nantou

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With the aim of creating a Museum of the ancient city of Nantou in Shenzhen city management decided to completely refurbish the building, which for many years according to some historical data was located in the government district of Bao'an. The design of the structure was developed by the leading experts in the field of design of such premises. As a result, the most valuable collections was chosen as the European concept with simple facades and interior rooms, equipped with the latest technology.

The Museum opened its doors to tourists in 2004 and is still one of the most visited in Shenzhen. Geographically, the Museum is divided into three sections: the history hall of Shenzhen to the XIX century, the hall period of the Opium wars, the hall of ancient civilizations. The total number stored in the Museum of relics has about 3,000 exhibits, 1000 of which have special cultural value for the history of China. At the request of visitors, professional guides will talk about the features of each artifact found during archaeological excavations in the suburbs of Nantou.

The Museum displays mainly ancient subjects of a life, remains an important architectural constructions, domestic utensils, jewelry, silver and jade, ritual utensils, miniature figurines, glassware and items of clothing. After the main tour, visitors are invited to watch in 3D historic film about the ethnic characteristics of the people living in the city of Nantou. On the first floor of the Museum you can buy Souvenirs at reasonable prices.