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Science center and planetarium Macau

Photos and description

In the exhibition hall of Scientific center of Macau has 12 galleries where you can find all the branches of science: Earth, life Style, Technology, and Science for children. All the galleries arranged in a spiral, so it is recommended to take the Elevator to the top and inspect the departments, going down the floors below.

Inside the science center is full of interactive exhibitions, multimedia presentations, thanks to them, children easily absorb the information.

The Central space of the gallery and Research center is a Department of "Science Express", in which all information regarding the various scientists and their discoveries. The second block is dedicated to Technology, and it tells of the plans for Macau relating to the field of meteorological studies and public transport.

Here is a hall dedicated to robots. In this hall presents information related to robot programming and technical devices, also located in the hall of the exhibition of new models of robots. Museum visitors are allowed to design and assemble from the prepared blanks model your own robots.

In the gallery "Earth" is our planet, and the exhibition will talk about a variety of natural phenomena and about how you can survive in the event of a natural disaster. In this Department are photos of tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and typhoons. And in a separate section this section shows the different types of sports.

The following section is devoted to cooking. It is possible to learn about the compatibility of foods, the safety of their use, the benefits and techniques of cooking. Also in the exhibition hall is illuminated by molecular cuisine, which is a completely new type of products.

The planetarium is a domed screen with a diameter of about 15 meters. Number of seats - 127 and they are all equipped with interactive management. It is possible to view materials about the open space in the 3D glasses.