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Necropolis Huangshan

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Necropolis Huangshan is located in the suburbs of Harbin and is a well-known memorial complex, established in 1959 in connection with the decision of the city authorities to transfer a large part of the cemeteries located in the city centre, on the territory of Huangshan. The necropolis is divided into several zones, each of which is buried in accordance with Christian traditions a large number of Russians who lived in Harbin for a long time. Among them, famous writers, architects, representatives of the Orthodox Church, artists, actors etc.

Take care of the graves deals with Russian society in Harbin, which amounted to a detailed electronic map of the necropolis for the purpose of convenience for visitors. On Huangshan periodically repairs of memorials, removal of debris and cleaning of the territory. The facility around the clock is under the careful protection in order to avoid looting. It is worth noting that in the cemetery are buried Soviet soldiers who died in military battles in the Russo-Japanese war. Also in the necropolis is the burial of Jews and Jews. The total number of burials is about 2000 graves.

In the center of an Orthodox plot on the initiative of Russian society was erected a small chapel of St. John the Baptist, symbolizing the eternal memory of the dead and a tribute to Christian traditions. Visiting relatives people can come to the chapel to place candles or to order service. Currently, Huangshan is the largest Russian cemetery in China, which testifies to the reverence of the Chinese to the Russian nation.