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Harbin mosque

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Harbin is different from other Chinese cities that are located on its territory a significant number of churches of different religious denominations. Among them stands out the Cathedral mosque, which is the focus of the Muslim world. The construction of the mosque refers to 1897, when a local community, consisting of representatives of Islam, adopted the decision on creation of separate facilities for prayer and religious action are important. The mosque building was built of brick and wood, however, did not last long and soon burned.

Major restoration of the Shrine began in 1935 with funds raised among the faithful and pilgrims. For reconstruction involved the best specialists with extensive experience in the construction of buildings of this kind. The result was a grandiose structure made by all the canons of classic Arabian style. On a total area of 420 square metres several rooms for prayer, a library and other rooms for various purposes.

The entrance to the mosque is decorated with tall white columns, and the rest of the building is made in traditional Muslim blue colour scheme, symbolizing the endless sky. The roof is crowned with three domes with spires at the end of which you can see the crescents.

Every day the mosque is visited by a large number of not only tourists but also pilgrims wishing to see the Shrine with your eyes and make a prayer move. It is worth noting that the mosque is included in the list of protected objects of cultural heritage and historical past of China.