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Temple Yuantong

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In the Central part of Kunming, near the foot of mount Lohan is the ancient Buddhist temple, Yuantong, originally bore the name of Butolo. The first Church building was erected in the late eighth century, but in the period of civil strife and wars, the building was considerably damaged and was practically destroyed. Only in the early fourteenth century by order of the Emperor on the former site of the temple began the construction of a new, named Yuantong.

After the restoration the Church was expanding with every year and today landmark is a unique architectural complex that fully meets all the canons of classical architecture. The entrance to the magnificent building is crowned with a large arch with the words "Yuantong Sinitsin", which means "Landscapes Yuantong". Tourists are allowed to climb on the top of the arch, offering spectacular views of the city.

In the middle of the temple complex is a pond of incredible beauty, around which built the long gallery, after which you will be taken to the main hall, Yuantong. Buddha statue Sanchi gigantic proportions, high columns with intertwined stone dragons - all that strikes the imagination of visitors. Of special interest are the stone tablets on which are to this day preserved inscriptions made by monks many centuries ago.

For the main part of the temple are caves Yogo and Caoine, shrouded in legends and mysteries. According to ancient tradition, in the cave lived a monster, eating the local residents. The monks brought him animals as sacrifices, and then the monster went deep into the cave and didn't bother the city.

Visit Yuantong is a delight not only to pilgrims, but also ordinary tourists wishing to get acquainted with this amazing attraction.