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The temple complex and Bagikan

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Baidicheng (City of the white Emperor) is a unique temple complex that includes a castle located on the hill Baidi in the Northern part of the Yangtze river. The building has a long history, rooted in the reign of Western Han dynasty.

According to popular legend, one of the commanders of the Imperial army by the name Gunsun Shu saw on the site of the future construction of Baidicheng a beautiful dream in which it has arrived to the white dragon. Gunson interpreted this dream as a great heavenly sign proclaimed himself head of the China and ordered to build a new city. However, after the death of warlord power passed into the hands of Liu Xiu, and in memory of Gunsun Shu, local residents erected a temple, which still impresses visitors with its magnificence. His fame, Baidicheng is received by the poet Li Bai, who dedicated his famous poem the temple complex. In the future, over the centuries, the castle was frequently visited by poets like Bo Czuje, su Shi, fan of Chengdu.

Local residents passed from mouth to mouth the legend that the first Minister of the ruler of Shu used Baidicheng as a kind of planetarium where he watched the stars and celestial bodies.

The main buildings of the complex was built in the XVII century, and in the future periodically been restored and supplemented by new buildings. Currently, Bagikan included in the list of protected objects of China, because on its territory there are valuable tables of stone on which are engraved verses, images, and calligraphy.