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Museum Of Luoyang

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The Luoyang Museum is located in the same city and is included in the list of cultural objects of China with the most extensive Fund contains a unique collection of exhibits from different periods. Initially, the Museum building was located 7 kilometers from the city, and in 1974 was transferred to the Central part of Luoyang. The main part of the exhibits present ancient objects found in the area of the city, but also ancient ceramic tableware, paintings, created during the reign of the dynasties of Wei and Han, the original product of jade and dishes of the finest porcelain.

The Museum building is designed in modern style, and the internal space has a typical design for buildings of this kind. Several rooms divided thematically, which is quite convenient for foreign tourists who do not know the Chinese language. Individual attention halls with exhibits of bronze and wooden products, household items and artifacts from the stone age. Most of the exhibits are strictly protected, as are the most valuable components of the Chinese cultural heritage.

The entrance to the Museum is free, and on the first floor are stalls where you can buy Souvenirs in memory of the visit Luoyang. Museum Foundation plays an important role in preserving Chinese traditions, as evidenced by the age of some exhibits and well-preserved appearance. Excursion to the Museum is not only a great opportunity to get acquainted with the world of the ancient relics, but the time you spend with use for yourself.