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Museum of Jilin province

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Museum of Jilin province was founded in 2003 on the basis of two museums, combining historical, cultural, scientific and national aspects. Leading the direction of the Museum are the collection of rare exhibits telling about specific features of culture of China's ethnic groups, as well as active participation in the research process, the global Museum community.

The main collection of the Museum includes ancient artifacts found in different regions of China during the excavation representing a significant value. Among the most important items you can select such as calligraphy, ethnic clothing, weapons, household items, jewelry, silk scarves, paintings and other evidence of the unique culture of the Nations why, gaogouli and the Manchus.

The Museum is divided into several thematic sections, which are fairly easy to navigate, with special signs in English and Chinese. Special attention deserves the exhibition devoted to the history of Chinese heroes fighting against the Japanese invaders.

Modern equipment allows Museum staff to conduct tours using holographic images in bulk form to show the history of various national minorities of China. The staff of the Museum periodically organizes exhibitions, including a large part of the rare exhibits.

After visiting the Museum, tourists are encouraged to buy at a reasonable price Souvenirs on the ground floor and to see the upcoming tours.