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Dianchi Lake

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Dianchi lake is not far from Kunming city and is a landmark of the city, as is a picturesque natural formation created in a natural environment and is considered the largest highland freshwater. Dianchi is located at an altitude of about 1890 meters above sea level in one of the hollows in the Yunnan mountains. From South to North the lake stretches for 40 miles, and the Dianchi area is 298 square kilometers.

In ancient China, the lake was known as "Lake Kunmin" around which constantly were legends and beliefs. Locals still pass from mouth to mouth tradition that many centuries ago in the valley of the mountains of Yunnan each came a young girl suffering from unrequited love. For three years she was crying about his lover and her tears rolled down into the gorge, then at this place the lake was formed, which absorbed the beauty of the girl.

Dianchi is still striking in its splendor and attractive scenery. On the West coast of the lake grow lush green forests, but the Eastern shore is the settlement of peasants. Visiting these places will allow you to get acquainted with lifestyle and traditions of the hereditary fishermen. The desire for tourist cruises on the lake, trips to the pavilion Daguan and local restaurants where you can taste the fresh seafood. The government of Kunming carefully monitors the environmental situation in the lake since the last decade of Dianchi water has been heavily polluted.