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The Four Gates Pagoda

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The main part of the Buddhist buildings of an ancient pagoda, located in Lichen district Jinan city. One of these attractions, called the Four gates pagoda (Sy-myn-TA) located near the mountains Qinglong and today is recognized as the oldest brick building in China, as its construction dates from 611 ad. External facades of the pagoda is made of brick blocks, which are tightly interconnected using a special mixture, made by masters of the past according to a unique recipe.

One-storey pagoda externally does not represent a special artistic value, but its historical significance is so great for China that this object was included in the list of the carefully protected by the state.

The roof of the pagoda is made in the form of four plates of triangular shape, also connected by a strong solution. At the top of the roof there is a small spire with a tripod at the end. Special attention is given the brevity of structure and strictly symmetrical forms. This fact is explained by the fact that, in accordance with Buddhist tradition, the pagoda should be oriented in four directions, embodying the natural beginning and symbolizing natural harmony.

Pilgrims and tourists often visit the pagoda Four Gates to see this interesting memorial of architecture and enjoy the surrounding picturesque scenery. Inside the Shrine you can see a few Buddha statues and wall murals Dating back many centuries ago by Buddhist monks.