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Bayi Square

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In the older part of Nanchang is the main square of the city called Bahia, which is considered not only a landmark to local residents, but also plays a significant role in the preservation of the historical past of China. The construction of the square began on 1 August 1977 and was completed on 8 January 1979. The Nanchang government decided to dedicate an area of memory of the uprising on 1 August 1927, as evidenced by the diverse monuments built on the territory of Bayeux, depicting the heroes of the uprising.

The area is quite extensive and occupies a space of 78, 000 square meters. After the reconstruction in 2002, Bailly admitted the second largest square in China after Tiananmen the most famous in the capital of China. In the middle of Baja is a large square made from a monolithic stone plates, which are tightly interconnected. The main function of the site - holding large-scale events, exhibitions and festive processions. On weekdays in the centre of Bayeux, going to a large number of local residents wishing to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. Especially popular among visitors is the musical fountain, located in the southern part. In the evening the fountain is illuminated with colored lights in accordance with the music. This spectacle of the most successful looks in the dark.

In the square tourists can see other local attractions, and numerous steles and monuments, and relax in the comfortable lounge areas or dine in restaurants serving traditional Chinese cuisine.