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Garden Li Yuan

Photos and description

Garden Li yuan, or Lingering garden, is included in the list of the main attractions of Suzhou which is famous for its parks. From the point of view of architecture, Li yuan considered a model of classical architecture, since the whole area is zoned and is a harmonious combination of natural beauty with artificial plantations. In 1997, the garden was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO indicating the historical significance of Li Yuan.

Landscape design includes a wide range of bridge, paved with stone, a system of small ponds rocker arched bridges of gray granite, numerous flower arrangements, pavilions, as well as unusual sculpture. Separately, a tea house, where you can get acquainted with the tea culture of China and different varieties of this healthy drink. After a visit to the tea tourists usually go for a walk in the gardens, examining every corner.

For an additional cost of Li Yuan offer a ride on the water channel by boat, accompanied by the singing artists, dressed in traditional Chinese costumes. In one of the ponds there are red carp, and the rest of the water space is almost completely filled with beautiful Lotus flowers. In the pavilions on the weekends giving concerts in Peking Opera and traditional musical performances that reflect the richness of Chinese culture. Li yuan is an excellent choice for meditative pastime and relaxing holiday away from city noise.