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FORTS Doug - the ancient fortifications, located in the Tanggu district of Tianjin city, at the mouth of the Haihe river. The construction of the first fortress was completed during the reign of the Ming dynasty, after which the Fort served for many years to protect the city from foreign invaders.

During the Opium war, the fortress was expanded considerably and it appears a special platform for the installation of the combat arms. Moreover, the next at the behest of the Emperor were erected five large fortresses, as well as twenty buildings of medium size. Soon the FORTS Doug became the main defensive building of the city.

In the mid-nineteenth century Admiral from UK Michael Seymour attacked the fortress, after which the warring parties agreed to sign agreements, under which foreigners are allowed to trade in the territory of Tianjin. In the future 20 years, the FORTS of Taku were repeatedly attacked by French and British troops. As a result of the fortress was considerably damaged, and some of them were beyond repair.

After the boxer rebellion in late-nineteenth century, FORTS were captured by the army, belonging to the international coalition. At the end of hostilities, the government made a decision to reconstruct the greater part of the FORTS. However, to date, survived only two strongholds intact. One of them is located on the Northern coast of the Haihe river and the other on the South.

For free visit is only available South of the fortress, restored in 1988. And the fortress is under reconstruction.