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Temple Of The Reclining Buddha

Photos and description

Temple of the Reclining Buddha located on the site of an ancient temple of the Tang dynasty, at the bottom of a hill Beijing. The temple complex dedicated to the death of the Buddha in accordance with Buddhist traditions, all the buildings of the temple complex are located on the same axis center.

The main gate starts the Honorary courtyard of the temple, bounded on two sides by the Bell and Drum tower. At the end of the yard in front of the main building of the temple has two huge statues of guards.

Behind the main building is the second coming where all people met by the figure of the Buddha, Milefo, which is surrounded by the 4 heavenly kings. The figure of Buddha is the Main hall, which is decorated with several sculptures: Amitabha - Buddha of limitless light, which guards the Western side, two medicine Buddha on the left and right and in the middle of the historical Buddha - Shakyamuni. On the side walls are ornaments of the disciples of the Buddha - Lobanov. And for the main figure of Sakyamuni there is a sculpture Guanine, a popular Chinese goddess of Kindness and Mercy.

From the Main hall leads a corridor to another room, where there is a high podium on which lies a copper figure of Buddha. Its length is approximately 5.5 metres. The sculpture depicts the Buddha at the point of death, surrounded by 12 tub, with his favorite disciples. The figures students made of clay.

According to Chinese legend, the action took place under willow trees, so in the courtyard of the temple complex planted a few willows. The figure of the Buddha was made in 1331, but a few of a different material than the previous one, which was the Imperial temple of the Tang dynasty. The sculpture was made from sandal wood, emits a fragrant aroma.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha located on the Western slope of the mountains and the entrance to it is through the Botanical garden. In order to get there, you must purchase a ticket. From the garden is filled with tar road, straight and with a length of about a kilometer. She goes to the temple, where tourists and guests of the city will have to purchase the entrance ticket. Kilometer stretch of road you can drive on the electric car for a fee.