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Temple Ordinances

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The temple Ordinances are located in the historic centre of Suzhou, attracts the attention of visitors the fact that is one of the few Taoist temples in China. The construction of the temple falls on 276 year when was the dawn of the reign of Emperor Sannin of the Jin dynasty.

The original name of the building sounded like "Taoist temple Qing the road" and the final name was given to the Church only in 1925. Centuries of history in its different periods, of course, influenced the temple's exterior and its interior. Numerous of reconstruction finished in 1999, after which the temple was recognized as the main asset of Daoist culture.

The Central pavilion (San Qing Dian) is practically not to be destroyed and well preserved. Here you can see a table with the personally inscribed by Emperor Qianlong four letters. In the middle of the pavilion, there are steles of Pure deities of the Trinity (jade Pure, Upper Pure, and Great Pure), made from clay, and the top is painted with gold paint. In other rooms are the sacred statues of the jade Emperor, the goddess Dou-Mu, the God of Zhao Gong Mine, Guang UIA etc. all the Ceilings of the pavilions decorated with various paintings with floral motifs characteristic of the Taoist architecture.

On the territory of the temple there are many special incense burners, which are the smoldering candles. Anyone can buy a candle and light it as a sign requests for health and well-being. Staying in the area near the temple in the evening, you will have the opportunity to see the original performance of Taoist music.