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Galanski seashell Museum

Photos and description

In the center of the Xinghai square in Dalian city is a unique Museum which contains various exhibits of the sea depths. Until 2012, the Museum was located in the building of a Gothic castle built by all the canons of English architecture. Gabled roofs, tall towers of red brick, winding staircase, decorated with mirrored walls the road to the castle - all this created the atmosphere of mystery for visitors.

However, by decision of the Chinese government, the Museum was renovated in June 2012 and is now considered one of the most modern architectural structures of Dalian. Externally, the building resembles a combination of several semicircular shells, which are laminated on each other, creating a voluminous effect. While in the evenings the roof is illuminated around the perimeter a few highlights, thanks to which there is a special color game, and the Museum is transformed into a shining sink.

Today at the Museum of 23 thousand square kilometers is 8 themed rooms on five floors. In most of them you can see the amazing collection of corals, shells, sea stars, urchins and molluscs. The centerpiece of the Museum is a rare shell clams, the length of which is 3.5 meters, and all reaches 340 lbs. Special attention deserves the excursion program, dedicated to this miracle of nature as the origin of the pearls. Visitors are invited to get acquainted with each stage of the formation of pearls inside the shell. On request the Museum can be purchased at reasonable prices Souvenirs, products made of pearls and shells, made in one piece.