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Sun Yat-sen memorial hall

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Near the foot of Yuexiu hill (Park Jung-Shan), in Guangzhou, is a memorial landmark of China - sun Yat-sen memorial hall, dedicated to the activities and life of the first President of China and an ardent revolutionary. The construction of the memorial lasted 3 years and in 1931 was completed thanks to the joint efforts of the city authorities and private investors.

Externally, the building looks like a monumental complex, total area is 6600 square kilometers. On such a vast territory is a Museum, a personal library of sun Yat-sen, numbering about 140 thousand the most valuable pieces of literature, the gallery's collection of portraits of revolutionary, as well as halls for conferences, classical music concerts or exhibitions. After the restoration in 1998 the memorial was refurbished in accordance with the traditional canons of Chinese classical architecture.

Special attention deserves the design of the main hall (the width is 71 meters), which has as a support only load-bearing side walls, which is a unique case for the erection of buildings of this type. The interior decoration is also striking in its beauty: carved miniatures, beautiful paintings made by skilled craftsmen, as well as decorative items and crafts.

The entrance to the memorial is crowned by the sculpture of sun Yat-sen, about which the clock occurs a change of honor. Near the building you can see age-old trees and large green area for walking. A visit to the memorial will not only get acquainted with the revolutionary past of China, but also to understand how significant for the Chinese nation is such a historical figure as sun Yat-sen.