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Bridge Of Zhongshan

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In the famous tourist city of Lanzhou is the Zhongshan bridge (Zhongshan), striking for its grace and austerity of lines of metal structures. In ancient times, the bridge was regarded as a key transport route through the yellow river. It was in this place was the crossing point for traders who followed the silk Road.

The bridge was designed and commissioned in the early twentieth century (1909), thanks to the efforts and investment of the businessman from Germany. A significant role in the establishment of Zhongshan was played by the representatives of the Qing dynasty issued a decree on the construction of grandiose buildings on the site of the previous bridge Zhen yuan, who regularly destroyed due to frequent flooding. However, yuan Zhen has served the people of Lanzhou for five centuries.

During the construction of the bridge the architects fully took care of the strength of all structures for safety and high throughput. For it across the bridge were installed alternately convex metal arches, creating additional decorative effect. In the evening hours of Zhongshan is highlighted by a large number of yellow lights. The name of the bridge is directly related to the name of a famous Chinese doctor Jung Shan, the memory of which the government of Lanzhou city decided to put in the name of the building.

Today Zhongshan is not only an important strategic target of the city, but is included in the list of cultural and historical attractions, as well as strictly protected by the state.