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Museum of science and technology

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Museum of science and technology is the most modern in Chongqing is located in Yuzhong district. Worked on a project team of professionals from different countries in the field of innovative architecture, then in 2006 began the construction of the main building. As the materials for construction used numerous glass and metal construction, outwardly, creates the effect of brevity. The Museum fits perfectly into the architectural landscape of the city and complements traditional buildings.

In 2009, the Museum was opened to the public and in a short time became the most popular place in Chongqing. The total cost of the project amounted to more than 500 million yuan, making the Museum managed to bring to life the idea of creating a unique exhibition sites in the territory of 45 thousand square meters.

The Museum has 12 thematic areas that demonstrate a variety of scientific and technological achievements in the field of mechanics, mathematics, transport, aviation and energy. Individual attention, exposure, designed specifically for students and supporting important cognitive function.

The second floor has a collection of exhibits fully reflect the specificity of information, light and electromagnetic technologies. Here you can see an exhibition about the environment. Also at the Museum is a cinema that can show films in 4D mode thanks to an innovative system of stereo sound.

The Museum often hosts scientific activities aimed at development, improvement and dissemination of scientific ideas among young generation of China.