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Pavilion Tien And

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Tian pavilion And Ningbo is one of the leading attractions of the city, since today is the oldest Museum library.

Originally, the pavilion was a private collection of books which carefully and long collected the founder of the Tien And named Fan Qin. Historical evidence suggests that this man was a noble government official during the reign of the Qing dynasty. According to ancient legend, the Emperor Qianlong who visited the library, was so impressed by the architecture and interior decoration that ordered his subordinates to build a library on the territory of the Forbidden city. In the future, Tien And was somewhat reconstructed, but the city government managed to keep the unique collection of books thanks to the specially created conditions.

The main composition of the library consists of such unique exhibits as the ancient scrolls, books from different periods, classical calligraphy, and facilities writing of characters and printing. In the premises of the Museum maintain optimal temperature to maintain a certain humidity. For this purpose, the guide Ningbo has allocated a significant amount for the purchase and installation of innovative equipment.

Around the pavilion is a small Park area, where you can see traditional Chinese pagodas, figures of dogs and cats of stone, a fascinating maze, a pond with clear water and the famous sculpture of the scribe books.