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Four pagodas Jantina

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Along with other attractions Shijiazhuang is famous for its four pagodas erected in the different periods of the history of China. All the pagodas are located in Zhengding County, located in the southern part of Hebei province.

The first pagoda called Chanlin can be seen on the territory of the oldest monastery of Linji, built in the year 540. Start of construction for the pagodas dates back to this time when according to the decree of the Emperor, the architects laid the Foundation for Canlin in memory of the deceased Buddhist monk who was a preacher of the direction of Chan Buddhism. The appearance of the pagoda is notable for its ethereality, with unique architectural elements made by the method of stone carving. Canlin has experienced several restorations, the last of which ended in 1189.

Near Canlin are two other well-known pagodas - Swami and Lintao considered an example of traditional Chinese architecture. Swimi was built during the reign of the Tang dynasty in 636 year and has survived intact. The building of Lintao originally had a wooden structure, but in the early eleventh century (1045) 4 the lower layer was built of stone. The pagoda has been preserved until our days and is of special interest from the point of view of architecture.

Fourth Hua TA pagoda is a stone building of the XII century small height, built in the shape of a pyramid, which made this site popular. We should also mention the last tier of the pagoda, covered with numerous sculptures of mythological animals such as elephant, turtle and lion.