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Mountain Of Years

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The mountain of Years, or Fuboshan located in the Northern part of Guilin, on the banks of the Lijiang river and is one of the iconic landmarks of the city. Translated from the Chinese name of the hill sounds like "the mountain, conquer the waves", as in the spring time the mountain blocks the rapid flow of water formed after the flood. While the rapid waves over the centuries have washed away some parts of Years, creating the original mountain landscape.

According to popular legend, the mountain got its name from the temple of Marquis, Sinisi, which was erected during the reign of the Tang dynasty. The title of Marquis received a General named MA yuan Years, so subsequently the mountain became known as of Years.

Today, the attraction is quite popular among tourists, since you can climb it with a special stone steps and take a tour of the observation deck, which offers scenic views of Guilin. Of years is also famous for such unique places, as "the Cave of the Returned pearls" and "Cave of a thousand Buddhas".

The first name of the cave comes from a legend that the mountain came the dragon king fell asleep, laying next to the jewel. A boy from a poor family found a jewel and showed her mother, who ordered his son to retrieve the pearl in place. When the dragon king woke up and found out about the honesty of the boy, he gave his family as much money as they wished. Currently in the cave are cave paintings, poems, texts and a self-portrait of the famous painter Mi Fu.

In another cavern are countless numbers of Buddha statues and ancient murals are the cultural and historical heritage of China.