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Museum Of Gansu

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Gansu Museum is one of the largest in Lanzhou, so as to accommodate its area of 18 thousand square kilometers, more than 350 000 exhibits, covering a vast historical layer. The external design of the Museum resembles the letter "E" that was typical of buildings of the period of the founding of the PRC. The Museum complex consists of three separate buildings, connected by an extensive network of corridors. First floor Gansu is a section devoted to the collections of flora and fauna. The second floor is composed of rooms where you can see the unique objects found on the territory of China at different times.

Among the popular exhibits are the following: pottery of the Neolithic period, the bronze statue of a flying horse (the Han dynasty), carved wooden figurines of the Paleolithic, the skeleton of a mammoth found in the yellow river in the second half of the twentieth century jade figurines and jewelry, etc. In all the halls of the Museum there are special signs in English to help foreign tourists to understand the name of the exhibit. The pride of the Museum is a valuable collection of ceramic ware (6000-4000 BC), painted in the traditional techniques of craftsmen of the province to Gansu. Original floral designs, unusual blend of natural colors, colorful patterns - all preserved with remarkable accuracy.

Along with permanent exhibitions, the Museum regularly active tours for those wishing to learn more about the history of the silk Road, the Golden statues of Dunhuang and other archaeological finds.