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The history Museum on September 18

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The history Museum on September 18 was opened in 1991 in Shenyang to commemorate the terrible events that occurred here in 1931 when Japanese troops attacked China. Putative reason for the invasion of the Japanese invaders on Chinese territory was an explosion on the railroad tracks that belonged to Japan, after which authorities blamed this act of Chinese dissidents and without warning attacked Manchuria, making it afterwards his mini-Empire.

The war against Japan left an indelible mark in the history of China, so in many cities there are memorials, preserving the memory of these events. Externally, the Museum in Shenyang looks like a huge calendar, which bears the date of 18 September 1931. In the Central part is the main entrance, passing through which you can get to the main hall "September 18 Incident".

On an area of about 500 square meters, there are interesting displays showing original documents, photographs, maps, military operations, and also samples of Chinese weapons, wax figures of famous generals, the skeleton found at the scene of the battle and other relics. We should also mention the collection of devices used by the Japanese during the war for carrying out torture. Excursion to the Museum leaves a lasting impression on tourists thanks to its realistic exhibits and the General atmosphere of mourning.

Near the Museum is a memorial, erected in memory of the victims, who died during the Sino-Japanese war. Everyone can lay flowers to the memorial.