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Museum of Heilongjiang province

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Museum of Heilongjiang province located in the Central part of Harbin and is the main Museum of the city as its territory presents a unique and rare exhibits reflecting all stages of the historical development of the province. The building Museum was built in 1904, but was used as a retail space called "Moscow". The architecture is fully in line with European classical style, combining numerous columns, arches and roof in the form of domes red.

In 1923 the society for the study of the culture were placed on the ground floor of several exhibitions, and in October in the "Moscow" school was opened. Only in 1954 the city authorities decided to organize in the building of the historical Museum, dividing it into three rooms. In the first room you can see the most ancient artifacts found in the suburbs, Heilongjiang province. Among them: ancient coins, jewelry, household items, clothing, calligraphy, jade, pearl, gold periods of the Board dynasties Qi and Jin. The second hall is dedicated to the fauna of the province which is quite diverse. Visitors are invited to pass through a deep tunnel of glass and meet the inhabitants of the underwater depths.

In the third hall with exhibits of fossils of extinct animals such as dinosaurs, mammoths, woolly rhinoceros, etc. Collection is a unique and very popular among students of Harbin. The Museum can be visited on weekdays absolutely free, showing pre-passport at the entrance.