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Park space travel

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Park space travel, which is located in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, is unique to their country. This is the largest Park space subjects in China. Attraction is one of the places recommended to visit to all tourists.

Space Park is located on the street Daguanlou, in the Eastern part of the city. Its area is about twenty-two thousand square meters. Here is a dozen of special zones and pavilions, which are the models of spaceships and other spacecraft.

The majority of the exhibits are models of space aircraft. But there are real samples, already flown in space. Among the most famous originals - camera "Shenzhou 2" the first unmanned space vehicle, created in China. Its launch from the Baikonur Jiuquan took place in January 2001. The device is held in the space of seven days, and then returned to the Earth.

Another famous exhibit - the carrier rocket "Changzheng-3". This is another example of Chinese space production. "Changzheng-3" refers to the third class three-stage launch vehicles. Changan, which translated into Russian means "great campaign", was named after the legendary campaign of the Chinese Communist army in 1934.

Presented in the Park and foreign models. Here are legendary Russian Soyuz, speaking once as a model for the Chinese counterpart. The most successful booster of modernity is easily recognizable on the head fairing and characteristic only for her four tapered blocks.

Between the Russian and Chinese giants is the third celebrity American Shuttle, "space Shuttle". The only reusable spacecraft. Although this copy was never used for space flight.

For the construction of Park space travel was spent about two hundred million yuan (about 33 million dollars). The project was not only entertaining purpose, but were intended at promoting China's space industry. In addition, the Park performs the function of an educational center.