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Park Zinsner

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Zinsner (Qingliangshan Park) is located in the Central area of Nanjing is a decoration of the city, as the Park architects and designers managed to create a place which combines amazing landscapes and sculptures of various subjects. Locals come daily to the Park for recreation, meditation and classes by such well-known Chinese practices like tai Chi and qigong.

The atmosphere Censhare for a good time because the project developers have taken care of numerous recreation areas with established arbors and benches. It is worth noting that the Park is a sufficient number of Buddhist temples, and the main part is a terrain that simulates the mountainous terrain, waterfalls and winding paths.

To create a natural landscape in Chinshan was imported exotic species of birds that have settled in the trees and delight visitors with their melodious singing.

The main part of the buildings designed in traditional Chinese style, involving the facades of white stone tile roofs with curved edges, open pavilions with elements of vegetable ornament and white-red color scheme. In some parts of Censhare located water garden with blooming Lotus flowers, considered the symbol of China for several centuries. In the souvenir shops you can buy not only a variety of amulets to commemorate the Nanjing, but also to buy polished agate of various colors.