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Temple Of The Five Pagodas

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Temple of the Five Pagodas is a unique architectural construction, located near the temple complex Yes Zhao is one of the main attractions of Hohhot. From the old five pagoda temple to our days well preserved one, the height of which is about 16 meters. Start of construction refers to the period of the reign of the Emperor Anjana, who ordered to build a pagoda of brick and call it the Pagoda of Buddha's remains.

In the future, the complex appeared 5 Surganov in the form of a square and the place got a new name that still bears today. The building of the pagoda can be divided into three parts: the bottom base, the pedestal of the vajra, as well as several miniature pagodas, which are an original decorative element. The base is decorated around the perimeter of the Mongolian and Chinese religious purposes, engraved in stone. The upper part of the pagoda consists of panels with thousands of miniature figures with the image of Buddha.

A special pride of the temple complex is North face full circuit of mount Sumeru with a picture of her only in the world of ancient astrological map in the Mongolian language. This cultural object is considered particularly rare and highly prized in the scientific community. The diameter of the card consists of 144 centimeters in length, which meticulously traced all the zodiacal constellations, meridians, poles, and the periods of the summer solstice and the full moon and the equator. Inside the temple contains a large number of Buddha statues that embody the diverse religious world of Buddhism.