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Temples Jinghai and Tanha-gun

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Temples Jinghai and Tanha-modes are an integral part of the historical past of China, associated with the development and formation of the fleet of the famous Navigator Zheng Haye, who was considered an outstanding personality of the XV century. The construction of the main part of the complex belongs to the period of the reign of the Yongle Emperor. Sights are next door in Nanjing and represent the unique architectural monuments of their time. The complex is built in accordance with the basic principles of Buddhist architecture, as evidenced by a pointed multi-tiered roof, crowning each of the temples as well as the harmonious combination of red and white colors used for the lining.

Translated from the Chinese language "economic-si" means "temple of the Calm seas", and Tengfei Gong - "Palace of Tanha". The mention of the nautical theme in the names is no coincidence, as both temples were erected in honor of the successful campaigns Zheng hay in a far country. So, in the territory of the temple complex you can see well-preserved stone sculpture turtles-BisI, symbolizing wisdom. Also the interest of visitors attracted to the stele made by the Emperor in honor of the voyages of Zheng Haye. Around the temples there are numerous statues depicting various options for the patron Saint of sailors, Tanha.

During the military actions against the Taiping and the Japanese invaders, the temples were completely destroyed and restored only in the early XX century. Currently, the attraction is accessible to everyone who wants to explore the rich history of China.