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Military Academy of Whampoa

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The most famous school, which specializes in military training of officers of the PRC in the period of the revolution the Whampoa military Academy, located on the island of Huangpu near Guangzhou. The military structure was created in 1924 on the initiative of sun Yat-sen, who at the official opening of the school, uttered the words that became the basis for the anthem of Taiwan.

Within 5 years the Academy was headed by a prominent political figure Chiang Kai-shek, made many in the field of curriculum development and improvement of methods of military training. A significant contribution to the development of Whampoa had made such Soviet specialists as P. A. Pavlov, V. K. Blyukher, A. I. Cherepanov, G. I. Gilev, A. S. Bubnov and others. Active cooperation with representatives of the Soviet military elite allowed the leadership Academy to borrow invaluable experience in training.

In the period from 1924 to 1926 from the walls of the Whampoa was released approximately 4,200 officers who participated in the national revolutionary campaigns, played an important role in the history of China. In 1927 the Vamp was transferred to Wuhan city, and a year in the old capital of China Nanjing. Later on the main building was built in Taiwan and is currently called the Military Academy of the Republic of China.

Today on the territory of the former Academy is a memorial Museum, which presents a unique collection devoted to the military affair of the country. Anyone can visit the sights and learn more about the exhibits, reflecting an important part of China's history.