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Hot springs Luciani

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Anshan is the center of medical tourism of China, as there are a large number of health zones that attract every year a significant number of tourists. One of such zones situated in the village of Ganjan and is a vast site on which there are unique thermal springs Luciani, occupying an area of about 3 square meters. Each geothermal well is additionally equipped with comfortable paths and taps in order to allow visitors to freely dial the healing water in the tank. The water temperature during the year varies from 80 to 97 ℃, which is an indicator of excellent quality.

The thermal springs of Lucioni rich in phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, fluoride and other beneficial elements that help to get rid of many chronic diseases. Around the area of wells over time is a complex that includes a spacious gazebo, a variety of green spaces, bridges, places for leisure, original sculptural compositions, as well as areas foodcare.

The healing properties of the sources has been repeatedly confirmed by experts of the international level and used for medicinal purposes for more than 50 years, which testifies to the uniqueness of this place. At the same time, geothermal resources Luciani involved in the development of agriculture in Liaoning province.

Tourists visiting hot springs Luciani, note the fairly quick healing effect, the versatility of the resort, beautiful scenery and a tranquil setting.