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China national tea Museum

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China national tea Museum, founded in Hangzhou in 1991, still impresses visitors with its varied collection of teas and unconventional approach to conducting tours. The Museum building is a unique complex in which there are exhibition halls, library, small restaurant, educational center and a picturesque countryside with plantations known all over the world tea varieties May. Visitors noted the livability of the territory, amazing scenery and attentive attitude of the staff of the Museum.

The tour usually begins with a visit to the plantations, where you will talk in detail about all the varieties of tea, its cultivation and drying. Then you can go to the main halls of the Museum, which is an exhibition dedicated to tea. Special attention is given voice each exhibit, which you can hear by pressing a special button. Also the collection includes a variety of accessories used in ancient times for Curling, drying and harvesting tea leaves.

After that, visitors are invited to take part in a tea ceremony and learn the basics of proper cooking Tieguanyin tea, Puer or, Dahongpao. Thus given all the necessary utensils, that allows you to feel like a real professional. The Museum staff is focused on international tourists, so courses about the basics of the culture of tea drinking at will be conducted in English. A visit to the Museum will bring real pleasure not only to fans of this healthy drink, but also people who are interested in Chinese traditional culture.