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The drum tower (Gulou)

Photos and description

Gulou (Drum tower) was a mandatory build for each city. No exception was and Luoyang. During the reign of Emperor Zhu-Izzone in the construction of the Palace for the Emperor's brother, the building was built the Drum tower.

The drum tower in the distant past was a two-story building made of wood and tiles, which was thrown across the street Eastern Avenue in old town Luoyang. After the construction of the Drum Tower was installed 25 reels. The main drum represented the entire calendar year, and the remaining 24 - was like 24 periods of the sun - Chi.

All reels have been preserved to our days. The rest were destroyed during the war. "Surviving" the bell stands on a pedestal. It shows you the image of chrysanthemums, the ancient dragon birds Phoenix plum color and also the scheme of trigrams. A four-foot preserved since the war the bell is now silent, but somehow, his skillful casting sincerely never ceases to impress visitors of the city of Luoyang.

In the halls Drum tower organized a small exhibition devoted to the measurement of time in ancient China, and every half hour there are live drums. From the height of the Drum tower offers a magnificent view of the city. And located between the towers, the courtyard acts as a starting point for sightseeing tours by rickshaws.