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Historical Museum of Shaanxi province

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Historical Museum of Shaanxi province is located in the administrative center of Shaanxi, XI'an. The Museum began in 1983, but the official opening took place only in 1991, in June.

The historical Museum was one of the first huge modern modernized Chinese museums. The completion marked the beginning of a new era in the history of the development of Chinese museums.

The design of the Museum building is made in the style of the Tang dynasty. The total area occupied by the Museum, is more than 66 thousand square meters, under the premises of the Museum is dedicated to 55 and a half thousand, 8 thousand given under the vault, and 11 thousand - exhibition hall with exhibits.

The exhibition part of the Museum is divided into three zones. In the first zone exhibited by those exhibits that date back to the time before the period of the Qing dynasty, i.e., before 206 BC In this room you can see stone tools, which were used in everyday life of primitive people, a bronze vessels for sacrifices, clay utensils, weapons.

In the second room visitors will see the exhibits dated back to 589 BC, that is, the period of the southern and Northern dynasty. In this hall a lot of paper exhibits svitavou paintings and documents that tell about the importance of paper production as the most important invention of China.

The third division is devoted to the dynasties of Tang, yuan, sui, song, Ming and Qing dynasties. In this hall the exposition with the model of XI'an city during the period of the Tang dynasty and the sui dynasty. Also lots of high quality porcelain, silver and gold utensils, pottery figures.

In the Historical Museum in Xian holds about 370 thousand items, ranging from tools of the ancient people and ending with the luxuries and life of a hundred years of history. The exhibits presented in the Museum of Shaanxi province is very important and valuable cultural and historical heritage for China and the world in General. There is a huge amount of gold, silver objects, ceramic figurines, Buddhist statues, frescoes and fragments of the tombs of the times of the Tang and Han. One of the most famous exhibits of the Museum - the remains of Homo Erectus, a very ancient but little known to primitive man.