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Catholic Cathedral of the sacred heart of Jesus

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Cathedral of the sacred Heart of Jesus is a Cathedral belonging to the Apostolic administration of Harbin. Among the locals is also a popular name of the Polish Church as it was built in 1906 for the poles, who built a railroad in China. In 1907, the Cathedral was consecrated in a ceremony by the Bishop Jan cieplak's, after which the temple was transferred to the jurisdiction of the diocese of Jimma.

The Church quite actively functioned until 1949, but later the poles began to leave Harbin and the Cathedral gradually lost its religious significance. In 1959, the temple received the official status of Cathedral of the diocese of Heilongjiang. In the cultural revolution period building of the Shrine was badly damaged and looted. Most of the oldest icons and other relics were destroyed or burned.

In 1980, the Cathedral returned to the diocese of Jimma, however, the building itself was used by the city for other purposes, as for a long time was a school, and commercial warehouses. The revival of the Church began only in 2004, thanks to the efforts of the representatives of the Orthodox Church in Harbin. The restoration was attended by leading experts in the field of classical architecture, which ultimately enabled the company to revive the Cathedral. After the reconstruction the Church was lit the third time in honor of the sacred heart of Jesus to the present time is the name. Today, the Church is not only valid, but is considered one of the most famous attractions of Harbin.