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Cathedral of the sacred Heart

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Cathedral of the sacred Heart or the Cathedral of the sacred heart of Jesus is the main center of Catholicism in Jinan and is not only a Grand architectural structure, built in the Gothic style, but the current Church. The Cathedral is under the control of the Archdiocese of Jinan is considered a leading attraction of the city, which indicates a loyal attitude of local authorities towards representatives of other religions.

The history of the construction of the Church is rooted in the beginning of XX century (1901-1906). where, in accordance with the signed agreement between some European countries and China it was decided to erect in Jinan Catholic Cathedral. As a result, the masters managed to bring to life a unique project with an area of 1600 square meters. The temple is crowned by two pointed towers, which is one of the traditional features of European architecture.

In the period of the cultural revolution the Church was closed, and the interior is made or dismantled. However, the Church managed to escape complete destruction, with the result that in 1985, the Church again opened its doors to worshipers and tourists. Currently, this attraction is included in the list of protected objects of China, and is under state protection. Since 1998 on the basis of the Church is actively functioning in the Seminary, in which on a regular basis and has nearly 70 students wanting to learn the basics of Catholicism. Tourists can freely visit the Cathedral, but strictly following the rules.