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The Museum of Shandong province

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The main Museum of Shandong province is located in the capital Jinan, is the largest Treasury of unique historical relics and valuable artifacts. Initially the Museum collection was located in a separate building in the city Tineo was created on the initiative of the missionary Baptist John Sutherland Waltraute in 1887.

In 1904 the provincial government decided to move the Museum in Jinan and rename in Guangxi yuan. The further fate of the Museum was connected with the red Swastika Society, which he headed and expanded the basic collection. Only in 1991 the government allocated a place for the construction of a new building on the South of Jinan. In the future there was moved the main part of the exhibits, and in 2010 specifically for the Museum was developed a special project in accordance with modern technology.

Currently, the collection of relics has about 200 thousands of artifacts among which the most popular samples of Neolithic culture (Longshan, dawenkou), carvings made of stone, bronze sculptures and miniature figures during the reign of the dynasties of the Zhou and Shang.

In separate halls are the oldest paintings of different eras, parts of skeletons of extinct animals of the Palaeolithic period, as well as jewelry from silver, gold, jade and other valuable natural materials.

A visit to the Museum of Shandong province is included in all tour programs of Jinan and enables guests to learn more about the historical heritage of China.