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Garden Chunsa

Photos and description

Garden Chunsoo is a unique place. Everything here is created by nature without human intervention. Many gardens and parks created by people they admire, amaze, surprise. But what creates nature, is the most inexplicable and unique spectacle. In China there are many places where the harmony between man and nature reaches the highest level, but the garden, Chungsoo still is in first place.

So, Chungsoo extends over 40,000 sq km of XI'an city. It is located to the East of Big Wild Goose pagoda. Chunsa attracts with its untouched primitive. There are lots of trees, small rivers, waterfalls, hills, mountains and other natural attractions.

All the garden is divided into separate zones, each of which represents its value. The division was made for convenience of visit by tourists. For example, you can visit a Bamboo pavilion, a shoal of White stone, the valley of the birds or the garden Stone Buddha.

The garden atmosphere has a pleasant pastime, thinking about life, harmony of man and nature. In the modern era of growth and development of cities and technology of this garden is a Paradise on earth that exists in its original natural state. Every tourist who arrived in XI'an, considers it his duty to visit this beautiful place and enjoy its extraordinary beauty and splendor.