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Art Museum he Sannin

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Near the metro Terminal in An Sanjana is interesting from the point of view of contemporary art, the Art Museum, he Sannin, also called by locals the Picture gallery of the new type. For China, the establishment of such museums are very rare, however, the leadership of the city decided to immortalize the work of the famous artist he Sannin and collect her paintings throughout life. He Sannin was a professional artist in the field of avant-garde art, combining in his work the traditional technique and avant-garde trend of painting. After her death there was a considerable number of paintings that were stored in various private collections.

The Museum took a lot of time to collect these unique items and place in one building. Territory gallery is quite extensive and is on three floors you can see various exhibits not only a great artist, but other members of the Sino-Japanese realist painting. All halls are equipped with high-tech equipment that allows us to consider every detail of the paintings, usually watercolor. One of the halls devoted to the biography he Sannin and presents visitors an opportunity to learn more about the life and work of the artist.

Museum collections are constantly replenished through the efforts of private collectors, philanthropists and regular people who appreciate avant-garde art. It is worth noting that the landmark was included in the list of specially important objects of cultural heritage of Sanjana and carefully protected by the state.