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Mountain range, Aoshang

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In the area surrounding Guilin is full of picturesque places, one of which is known among tourists as a mountain range, Yaoshang, which is famous for its picturesque landscapes and beautiful views. The highest point of the ridge - mountain, Yaoshan rising 909 meters above sea level. At the request of tourists, you can climb the mountain using the cable car and see the ancient tombs and also make unique photos.

The mountain range consists of 40 peaks of different sizes, which are located near such famous historic sites as the ancient city of the village Lihua and Shikhandin, the remains of military installations, as well as the monastery of nuclear weapons, which gave the name to the ridge.

Local residents say that the area Aasana grows many medicinal herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. Annually, specially trained people are engaged in gathering and processing plants in industrial scale to be further sent to different cities of China.

In the forest is not only home to pheasants, foxes, hares and rare birds Bangui, wild boars and other fauna.

Currently, Yaoshang is one of the favorite recreational areas for tourists, as they were the special observation deck, the cable length of about 1500 meters, and also places where you can relax away from the bustle of the city.

Mountain range, today Aasani included in the list of protected objects of China and is an integral part of the cultural and natural heritage of China.