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Museum of Sichuan province

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The Sichuan Museum is the main historical Treasury of Chengdu, which contains a unique collection of artifacts and relics belonging to different periods of China's development. Since its inception (1940), the Museum has undertaken maximum efforts to preserve more than 300,000 of rare specimens of Chinese culture. On the extensive area of 46 000 square meters are located numerous pavilions and halls, which present valuable exhibits. We should also mention such artifacts as products of bachusky of bronze, pottery, jade and fine porcelain, portraits on stones, flat bells eras of Shang and Zhou, the ancient wine vessels with animal ornament etc.

Fairly large room devoted to the exhibition, showcasing the unique paintings of the famous artist Zhang Daciana, Dunhuang frescoes, considered a piece of art during the reign of the Han dynasty, the interior of the Imperial Palace, silk clothing, jewelry, and antique books.

All halls are equipped with modern equipment, thanks to which the Museum staff can conduct the tour using holographic images, multimedia screen and other innovative technologies. At the same time, visitors can view exhibits, as nearly every exhibit there are plaques with the description in Chinese and English. The Museum will allow you to learn more about the historical past of Sichuan province and deeper into traditional Chinese culture.