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The Guanlin

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The guanlin is one of the attractions of Luoyang, located 7 kilometers South of the city. The temple was built in 1596 during the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming dynasty.

The fame of their temple also received as the tomb of Chinese General Guang, who lived in the era of the three kingdoms. In Chinese history, this man earned the respect of representatives of different faiths: Buddhists, Confucians, and Taoists.

Guan Yu was killed by the citizens of the Kingdom Wu: by conspiracy, they sent the head of a General in another Kingdom, but their vile intent was discovered. The body of Guan Yu was cut from the tree and buried with the head at the South gate of Luoyang, exactly where subsequently was built the Church. Emperors of later dynasties revered the General, worshiping him as the God of war.

The temple consists of several halls, each of which is decorated with memorial tables, cypress trees and the tiny figures of lions made of stone.

The appearance of the building is the embodiment of China traditional architectural style when the construction is symmetry. The main gate is the entrance to the first hall of the temple, which is richly decorated with a series of reliefs illustrating the legend of General Guan Yue. The next two halls decorated with the fancy and show a collection of epitaphs, ancient steles, stone inscriptions. All of this is of value for researchers of ancient Chinese history. The burial place of General Guan Yu, is just the third room.