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Taoist temple Lin the Background was built in Macau in the late SIXTEENTH century, more precisely in 1592, near the border gate Portas de Circo. This temple was erected in honor of kun IAM, goddess of mercy statue which adorns the main altar of the temple.

The construction represents a complex of eight buildings programowych. Each of these areas is dedicated to a specific mythological character, a certain moral quality or a Saint. The temple was named after the hill where it was erected.

With the coming to power of the Qing dynasty, ruling from XVII to XX century, the Church began to use Mandarin - Chinese officials as a hotel. Only in the late twentieth century there was a major restoration of the temple Lin the Background. After that he became a beautiful landmark of Macau city.

Macau - a major sea port, so in one of the buildings of the temple has a statue of the Chinese goddess of the sea tin Hau. In the center of the complex is the area surrounded by a border with relief sculptures of dragons - a courtyard with a garden. In the garden, in the shadow of old trees you can enjoy a small pond with Lotus flowers, whose bloom fills the air with magical aromas. The facade of the temple is adorned with clay bas-reliefs from Chinese mythology and history.

The temple complex includes the memorial of Lin Zexu - a Chinese national hero of the NINETEENTH century. Lin Zexu, being an officer, I often stayed in the temple for the night. Once here they were given the law prohibiting the opium trade openly. For this, and a monument was erected in his honor.

Peace and harmony here, give visitors a spiritual grace.