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CITIC tower in Guangzhou is a 80-storey building, the fourth tallest in China, is located in the business center of the city. At a time when it was completed (1997), this building was the tallest in all of Asia, and second only to new York the twin towers and "Sears Tower" in Chicago. But over time, the giant from Guangzhou ousted from the podium in eighth place. The height of the skyscraper from the ground to the tops of the spires is 391 m. Created by the building of reinforced concrete and glass.

Like all skyscrapers in China this attraction is subjected to constant criticism from the public. Many consider him one of the exhibits of the Chinese government, erected for the sake of prestige and you're wasting public funds. While experts are economic calculations to prove that the construction of buildings with height more than 300 meters is a losing proposition, since profit from them will not cover the costs of operation.

The Chinese government are not listening to the voice of the people, continued construction of the skyscraper. And after the completion of construction works declined to provide cost estimates for its construction, contents and measures for strengthening against earthquakes and hurricanes. Requirements to publish reports on profits from the operation of the CITIC Plaza in the press China's leadership also failed to take into account.

CITIC tower, located in the district of Tianhe, is part of a larger complex, which is located inside two buildings-one 38-storey building, several office buildings and sports complex, which hosts traditional national competitions.

Just a three minute walk from the Tower built a modern station building and new city metro. It is planned that soon this part of the city will become a symbol of the prosperity of Guangzhou.

At night between the antennas CITIC Plaza, which is crowned by this magnificent structure, you will notice a special characteristic glow, which Russian tourists have named the CITIC Plaza "Eye of Sauron".