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The Monastery Sir

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The monastery Sera, or Sera, takes pride of place among the famous Tibetan temples, which played a significant role in the formation and development of this direction of Buddhism, as the Gelug school. The oldest complex is located in a picturesque place, surrounded by blooming wild roses and mountain ranges. The name of the monastery, translated from Tibetan language means "wild rose" or "wild rose".

The construction of the Sir began in 1414, on the initiative of the disciple of je Tsongkhapa's Sakya Yeshi, after which the builders have adopted for the implementation of such a large project. As a result, the building area is about 115 000 square meters, and the entire complex includes such buildings as the hall Koken, school Zhacang and dormitory Camsun. It is worth noting that all the walls of Sir decorated with well-preserved frescoes with the images of the household and spiritual life of the monks.

Hall Koken is a building consisting of four floors, is the place where the major ritual activities of the monastery. The main frame supports 125 high hall of pillars, and inside you can see the chapel with the names of the gods and Buddhist sculpture from the great deity Guanyin with a thousand hands.

On the territory of Zhacang based leading colleges of Tibet: yo Zhacang, IU Zhacang and Ngaba Zhacang. The oldest of them is Me Zhacang, as it was built during the reign of the Ming dynasty. Today, the College diligently trained by the monks, learning the basics of Tibetan culture and religion. The disciples live according to the strict laws at the monastery in a special Dorm.