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In 1957, on the territory of residence of national minorities of the city of Hohhot, was built to Inner Mongolia Museum, combining the unique collection devoted to the life, history and everyday life of Mongolian and Chinese tribes that lived in these areas many years ago. The basis of the Museum was timed to the anniversary date of establishment of the Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia.

In the vast area currently holds more than 44 000 rare exhibits, of which presents the unique artifacts. For example, the remains of the dinosaurs, the skeleton of a woolly rhinoceros, antique weapons made of precious metals inlaid with precious stones, articles of gold and silver, etc. Special attention of the visitors attracted to the main exhibition hall, decorated in ethnic style. The roof of the Museum is crowned by the symbol of freedom and luck of the Mongolian people, embodied in a miniature stele of a running horse.

On four floors it also demonstrates the ancient clothing, tissue samples, household items, paleontological findings and values of the period of the revolution. In the framework of various research programmes on the basis of the Museum is constantly conducted research work involving the best specialists in the field of archaeology. Visitors are encouraged not only to get acquainted with the interesting culture of Inner Mongolia, but also to participate in informative seminars, exhibitions and conferences. In addition, the Museum staff regularly organize trips to more specific topics, allowing to penetrate into the historical heritage of the Mongols and learn more about each exhibit.