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Jinsha Museum

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Jinsha is a large Museum complex located in Qingyang district, on the coast of the river modi. The complex is rather unusual, as they were originally built on the site of archaeological excavations carried out in 2001, in which was discovered more than 5,000 artifacts related to the era of the Kingdom of Shu, which flourished in China many centuries ago.

Further archaeological area was fenced off special niches and then build two buildings, one of which currently includes the site and the other contains ancient artifacts.

In General, the Museum complex is a mini-city, as archaeologists found a whole village relating to Insidously culture. Main exhibits exhibit a well-preserved articles of jade, silk, pearl, bronze, silver, ivory, household items and interior different segments of the population, sculptures, Golden masks, samples of ancient calligraphy, clothing, paintings and other heirlooms. It is worth noting that the Museum is a unique disk Bird of the Golden Sun, made of pure gold and is considered one of the most important ritual objects during the reign of Shang dynasty. Near Jinsha, you can see the area with the excavation, which was discovered a large elephant tusks.

Most of the exhibits of the Museum is included in the list of national treasures of China and are carefully protected by the state. Every year Sochi is visited by about 120,000 tourists who want to learn more about one of the ancient cultures and see with your own eyes the artifacts of the historical heritage of China.