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Park Maryland

Photos and description

Park MD is one of the largest in China and is located in Xinan Guilin city. Today it is the largest recreation area, created a unique project developed by the team of specialists involved in the construction of Disneyland. The project was implemented in 1997 and a year later was recognized as the most successful in the field of entertainment and tourism.

The Park is 60 acres divided by topic and includes areas such as "Fun Chinese city", "American old West", "a World of dreams and fantasies", "pirates village", "mandalas Gardens", "Tropical" and "Europe". In each of these parts features the latest attractions that meet international safety standards. The most popular activities among visitors are the water slides, the magical world created on the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland", a pirate ship, Indian show, airship, etc. After riding the rides tourists usually go sightseeing, combining elements of Chinese, European and Gothic architecture.

Special attention is given Golf club constructed in accordance with the American style as well as the five-star hotel and the forest village, including several villas of premium class, located on the shore of an artificial lake.

Overall, Maryland is best suited for an active family holiday, as gathered in the vast territory of diverse types of entertainments and other interesting places worthy of a visit.