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The Holy land of Rohan

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Liaoning province is rich in attractions, which fully reflect the characteristics of the Buddhist worldview of the people of China. One such place is "the Holy land of Rohan", located near the famous Anshan "219 Park". Together with the garden, the Jade Buddha Rohan creates a picturesque Park complex, which includes a large arched bridge, flower arrangements, sculptures, an artificial pond, as well as ancient buildings such as palaces, pavilions.

All buildings are made in strict accordance with the traditional canons of Buddhism, which assume the orientation of the walls of buildings in parts of the world. From the point of view of representatives of Buddhism, this approach of construction allows to harmonize the environment with the spiritual world of man. An important part of Rohan is considered a historical area, where you can see temples, containing a rich collection of relics. Most of the buildings of the complex was performed many centuries ago by ancient masters, and the quality of the materials used, as a rule, Jasper and wood, decorated in gold and red colour scheme.

Today Rohan is one of the most visited places in Anshan, as the tourists can see historic landmarks to learn more about the specifics of Buddhism, to take a walk surrounded by nature and enjoy a peaceful stay.

In the evening the Holy land Rohan turns into an amazing spectacle, adorned with numerous lights and installations, which further attracts visitors.