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Guangji Temple

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Guangji or Guantity located near Sicani on the street Fuchengmen and is one of the oldest temple complexes in Beijing. The beginning of the construction of the temple belongs to the XII century. It was at this time ended the reign of the great Emperor Tang Zhao-Zong. For millennia part of the temple buildings were repeatedly destroyed and subsequently restored by the efforts of local authorities and pilgrims.

After the great fire in the XIV century it took at least 15 years for the reconstruction of Guangji, after which in 1466 temple complex was called "Hun Tzu Guangji". Further reconstruction in 1584 and 1694 years allowed to keep most of the most valuable Buddhist artifacts collected from all over the ancient China. However, a new fire in the early twentieth century caused serious damage to the sights. Only in 2000 has completed reconstruction of Guangji temple and today is considered not only a key landmark of Beijing, but also plays an important role in preserving the traditions of Buddhism.

The territory of the temple complex is quite extensive and covers an area of 2.3 hectares. All the buildings within the Guangji separated from each other by massive gates. On the walls you can see numerous images of Buddhist deities. It is worth noting inside the halls of the temple with an amazing collection of the Minsk period, as well as a library containing more than 100 thousand volumes of books. Guangji daily visited by a large number of pilgrims and tourists to see the altar of white marble, the bronze Maitreya Buddha statues, gorgeous paintings PU Wen, a temple of the tooth relic, ritual canonici, elaborately decorated with precious stones, etc.